Add a Designer Twist to Your Decor With a Table Lamp Large

Table lamps are one of the most functional, yet stylish lighting options you can choose to add a designer vibe to your home. A well-placed lamp will create an inviting mood in the living room, bedroom or any other space you want to highlight.

Whether you need light to read or play games, you’ll find just the right size, style and material to make it happen with our wide variety of table lamps. Featuring a wide range of styles from modern to classic, our collection of table lamps for every room of the house is designed to bring your decor together with a sophisticated look.

The color and texture of your room are important to consider when picking out the perfect table lamp for your space. Bright colors like yellow, green and red will make your room feel lively and energetic, while more neutral shades of white, black, brown and beige will help a lamp blend in better with your overall design scheme.

Bedside: Ideally, the lamp shade should extend far enough down so that the bulb does not glare into your eyes as you lie down to read or sleep. A smaller table lamp with a glass base is ideal for this purpose because it creates a softer, more relaxed glow.

Accent: Use a table lamp to highlight a dark corner on a shelf or spruce up a piece of furniture with an interesting pattern. Mini accent lamps can also be placed on a high chest of drawers to add visual depth and light to the room.

Oversized: If you have a large or unique room in your home, try an oversized table lamp to add some heft and height. These tall, decorative table lamps can be paired with a floor lamp in the same room or used to fill a long entryway table.

Decorative: Decorative lamps are available in materials such as crystal, pretty porcelain, brass and glass to create the perfect mood for your space. Pair a beautiful crystal table lamp with a simple dresser for an elegant traditional feel, or pair a sleek glass lamp with a wood or metallic chest to create a more contemporary tone.

Office: Task desk lamps are ideal for home offices and workspaces where you need a focused beam of light to illuminate paper, screens or other items that require specific illumination. This type of lamp can help you complete your work in the shortest amount of time, especially when used with an LED lamp that emits a soft, warm glow without causing glare.

Dining: The light from a dining room table lamp is often a focal point of the room, so you should make sure it’s the right size to provide ample illumination for seated dinner parties or other formal events. A tall, decorative table lamp can be the focal point of a large dining area, so it’s important to pick a design that will complement your other furnishings and fit in with your room’s style.

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