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furniture outlet near me

In-person shopping at large furniture stores is an experience all its own. You can try out sofas and feel their weight, and the store’s showrooms can turn into one of those Instagram-worthy destinations in their own right. But there’s also a lot to love about buying furniture online, as the internet offers far more options than you might find in-store—especially when it comes to price ranges, design styles and materials. So before you head to a large furniture store near me this weekend, make sure you’re prepared for your trip by checking out the best online options in advance.

Room & Board

At this contemporary furniture chain, modern, timeless pieces are the name of the game. This location in Chelsea isn’t the only one of its brick-and-mortar stores, but it’s certainly a must-visit for anyone looking to shop the company’s sleek designs. And it’s not just the furniture that is modern: This chain also carries rugs, bedding, home accessories and more.

You’ll probably want to visit the NYC store of this luxury furniture brand in person, but the online site is a good place to start. Their selection of chairs, beds and other home furnishings is extensive and includes a wide range of colors, materials and textures. They’re known for their streamlined styles and high-quality construction, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your taste whether your style is traditional or more contemporary.

If you’re a fan of Crate & Barrel, then you should definitely check out its little sister store, CB2. This furniture outlet has a similar look and feel to the bigger parent brand, but it is less expensive. They have plenty of storage solutions and accent furniture to suit a variety of tastes, including upholstered headboards and wood coffee tables.

Another option is to hit up Joybird, which specializes in made-to-order mid-century furniture. This Brooklyn store is the company’s first and only retail location so far, and it’s worth a trip if you’re on the hunt for cool, unique items that you can’t get at your typical large furniture store.

Bi-Rite Studio

If you love the idea of mixing Danish and Italian cultures, then you’ll be in heaven at this store. This modern-minded chain’s showcasing of their designs is unmatched, and their curated showrooms make it easy to see how pieces will work in your space. And if you see red sale tags, then it’s time to stock up.


This boutique furniture and decor store is a must-visit for anyone who loves midcentury designs with a twist. Founded by artist Tyler Hays, this store showcases his personal favorite home and office pieces—many of which are handmade by local craftspeople. And while the prices aren’t cheap, you can be sure that every piece is designed with care and attention to detail.

If you’re tired of browsing in-store and are ready to buy some of the best furniture in New York City, then it’s time to head to the website of this trendy retailer. Their selection of stylish chairs, beds and other items is extensive and the website makes it easy to compare different color options and materials before you purchase. They’re also known for their affordable shipping and free returns.

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