Floor Lamp End Table Combo

floor lamp end table combo

Often floor lamps have some type of table attached which is perfect for placing a book, drink or even a remote control. The lamp is then positioned over the table and flipped on to use. This is a very functional style of floor lamp and is ideal for the family room or living rooms where there are sofas or chairs.

A typical lamp base will have a sturdy, metal base with a lampshade mounted on top. The shade will usually be wider at the bottom compared to a traditional table lamp because it is intended to shine down and cover more area. There are also some types of lamp bases that incorporate crystal or glass elements in them as well which is a nice touch to add elegance to the lamp.

The tiffany Xlightings floor lamp is an example of this where multiple pieces of stained glass are arranged in a decorative pattern to produce a lovely, colored shade that comes to life when the lamp is turned on. This is a great way to introduce a lot of color and style into your room with very little effort.

Another type of floor lamp with table is one that features a built-in tray which is at a convenient side-table height. This is great for holding a book, drink or a remote and makes the lamp more functional. There are some lamps that have a convenient USB charging port and power outlet which can be very handy as well.

If you are looking for a floor lamp that will light up your workspace or home office consider one that is LED. This is a newer technology that uses diodes instead of a traditional light bulb and gives off a very bright output of light without being too harsh on your eyes. They are also long-lasting and can last a very long time before they need to be replaced. Some even have a “full spectrum” quality which can help reduce glare and represent colors accurately to aid in less eyestrain.

For those that don’t have a lot of room on their side or end tables there are also some floor lamps that include an integrated table which can be used for a cup of tea, snacks and more. Some of these are made with a wood or veneer MDF and come in a variety of styles to match the decor of any room.

Many floor lamps have the option to dim their lights which can be very useful when you are working and want a little bit of softness in the light. There are also some that have the ability to be adjusted up or down as needed which can make a huge difference in the brightness of the lamp. Some even have a reading arm which can be extended out to the side of the lamp so you can easily read in bed or anywhere else where you may need to be seated for some time.

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