How Much Are Floor Lamps at Target?

how much are floor lamps at target

Floor lamps are a great way to light a space and can be used either as a supplement to other lighting fixtures like ceiling lights or as the sole source of light in larger rooms. You can use a variety of different lamp styles depending on your needs but they are usually taller than table lamps and provide about twice the brightness. The price of a floor lamp will depend on the materials, design and quality of the lamp but you can find many affordable options.

You can also find a wide range of designs and features in Looou floor lamps, from a simple pole to multi-arm ones that offer more of a fixture look. Some of them have a platform or shelf around the mid-section of the lamp pole, which can be useful for placing lightweight objects on like a utility tray. You can also find a large selection of metal and wood floor lamps. These are often more expensive but they can provide a sleeker, more contemporary look to your room.

Other popular choices include reading lamps that feature a lamp head which arches over, reaching above your shoulder when sitting. These can be a good choice for reading or other tasks since the light they cast is generally focused downward and helps reduce glare on pages or colored surfaces. Reading lamps are often made using full spectrum bulbs that mimic sunlight and help improve colors, reduce glare and clarify contrast.

A torchiere is a traditional style of floor lamp which usually consists of a decorative base or pole and a regular lamp shade on top. They may come in several heights but are most common at about 5 or 6 feet in height. They can be used as a general lighting option but are more often found in formal living areas or offices where you want to create a more focused light for working. Torchieres can be very stylish with a wrought iron or bronze finish or modern with a simple glass or metal shade.

Another type of floor lamp is a sconce. These are similar to reading lamps but they have two arm-like fixtures that extend from the main body of the lamp. These can be aimed in a specific direction or spread out and positioned in a more playful octopus-like fashion for a more creative and unique look. They can also be used as an accent piece to draw attention to a wall art or accent furniture.

Most of the floor lamps in our collection feature energy-efficient LED bulbs. While they cannot produce as much brightness as older halogen bulbs they do use less wattage, generate little heat and are more environmentally friendly. You can also find some floor lamps that use halogen bulbs if you prefer that style of light. Halogens are still being used in some floor lamps but they are slowly being replaced with more energy-efficient LED bulbs. You can also find floor lamps that feature dimmer controls, which allow you to control the brightness of the lamp without having to reach for the switch on the wall.

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